Code of Conduct

The Nissin Sugar Group contributes to the development of a sustainable society through business activities based on trust in relationships with all stakeholders. With this aim in mind, we adhere to the letter and spirit of every law and regulation. Accordingly, we have set down the following code of conduct as guidelines for the group as a whole to conduct business activities under higher ethical standards.

Compliance (adhere to laws and societal norms)

Under any circumstance, we will adhere to laws and conduct corporate activities in line with social ethics.

Safety first (produce safe products)

Safety always comes first in developing, producing, and selling products and in providing services.

Customer satisfaction (take care of customers)

We provide products, goods, and services that will satisfy customers and be used with peace of mind.

In harmony with the environment and making a social contribution (be kind to our surroundings)

As a good corporate citizen, we work to achieve harmony with the environment and contribute to society.

Satisfying and exciting place to work (be a challenging and satisfying workplace)

We make the company a place where employees can fully make use of their abilities and gain job satisfaction.