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About the handling of customer's personal information

  1. 1.Our Basic Attitude towards Handling of Personal Information
    We will comply with laws, etc. related to personal information including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and have also adopted this "Privacy Policy" in an effort to appropriately manage and protect personal information in accordance therewith. For implementation thereof, we have also established internal "Privacy Rules," and will ensure all of our employees understand both the importance of the protection of personal information and the means of handling personal information to maintain and operate proper and appropriate security control measures.
  2. 2.Personal Information We Retain
    We will register in our personal information database or the like personal information(including your name, address, and phone number) we obtain through our sales activities, marketing activities, recruiting activities and so on.
  3. 3.Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    We will use your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. (1) To perform contracts entered into with you and to manage contracts;
    2. (2) To provide you with products and services;
    3. (3) To provide you with information concerning a new product or service. We will promptly stop using your personal information for this purpose upon request from you;
    4. (4) To answer your inquiries; and/or
    5. (5) To respond to your comments and requests.
      * We will never use your personal information for any other purpose than the purpose is we obtain it unless we expressly tell you the purpose of use and our contact information at the time we obtain the personal information. In such case, we will never use such personal information outside the scope of such purpose.
  4. 4.Handling and Purpose of Use of Personal Information in the Recruitment Process
    In our recruitment process, we ask each applicant to provide us with his/her personal information such as curriculum vitae and resumes. We will use such personal information only in deciding whether to hire such applicant. We will appropriately dispose of personal information such as curriculum vitae if we decide not to hire an applicant.
  5. 5.Disclosure to a Third Party; Outsourcing to a Third Party
    We will, in principle, not disclose or provide any personal information we hold to any third party other than our affiliated group companies unless:
    1. (1) We have the consent therefore from the individual who is the subject of such personal information;
    2. (2) Disclosure is required to protect the life, health or property of the individual who is the subject of such personal information or any other third person and it is difficult to obtain such person's consent; or
    3. (3) We are required to disclose personal information in accordance with a legal order or the like.
      We may outsource to a third party the handling of part of the personal information we retain to, among other things, facilitate our operations (including cases in which we outsource direct mailing services to provide information regarding a new product or service). In such case, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision regarding each outsourced entity.
  6. 6.Cookie Policy
    We use "cookies" for the following purposes:
    • ・For displaying the most appropriate advertisement on other company's website based on your interests or your use of our website;
    • ・For assessing the number of users and traffic on our website; and/or
    • ・For improving our services.

    We may set or refer our cookies through Yahoo! JAPAN and so on by outsourcing our advertisement delivery to Yahoo! JAPAN and so on.

    What are cookies?
    Cookies are devices which store, in the form of a file on your computer, your usage history identifying communication between your browser and a server as well as information you have entered. When you access the same webpage again, the webpage administrator may personalize displayed content for you by using cookie information. If you permit transmission of cookies on your browser settings, the relevant websites may obtain a cookie from your browser. For avoidance of doubt, your browser will, for privacy purpose, only transmit a cookie which such website transmitted or received.

    About Cookie Settings
    You may select the settings for transmission of cookies among the options of "Accept all cookies," "Refuse all cookies," "Receive a notification upon receipt of a cookie" and so on. Settings may differ depending on your browser. Please see "Help" menu on your browser to know the settings of cookies.
    Please note that if you select "Refuse all cookies" option, you may have some restrictions on using various services on the Internet including a case, among other things, that you cannot receive necessary services such as authentication.

  7. 7.Security Measures
    1. (1) We will take proper and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leakage and so on of personal information/data we hold, and also take corrective action if necessary.
    2. (2) We will provide appropriate instructions to our employees for the protection of personal information.
  8. 8.Contact Information for Complaints, etc. regarding Personal Information; Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

    Each individual who is the subject of personal information may make an inquiry or complaint or request consultation and so on regarding the handling of his/her own personal information we retain. Upon receipt thereof, we will appropriately respond thereto to within a reasonable extent. For this purpose, we have a dedicated contact for such individuals.

    Contact Information for Protection of Personal Information
    14-1, Nihonbashi-koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8536, Japan
    General Affairs Department, Nissin Sugar Co., Ltd.
    Email Address:
    For requesting disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, or deletion of personal information, please contact us as described above.

  9. 9. Notice in Case of Revisions to this Privacy Policy
    We may make partial changes to the handling of personal information or this Privacy Policy to ensuring the protection of personal information or respond to a revision of a law and so on. We will announce significant changes on this website.

The personal information that you provide will be used solely for responding to your inquiry. We will not use of this information for any other purpose.
Please indicate your agreement with the above before sending your inquiry.