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Aiming to increase corporate value while pushing forward with various initiatives under our medium-term management plan.

Yutaka Morita, President
Yutaka Morita, President

My name is Yutaka Morita and I was appointed President and Representative Director on April 1, 2019.
In close partnership with the outgoing president, Yoichi Higuchi, who assumed the office of Representative Director and Chairman on the same date, I am committed to working with dedication for the further development of Nissin Sugar and ask for your continued support.

The sugar industry, Nissin Sugar's main focus, continues to face challenges: gradually falling domestic demand for sugar due to factors including the falling birth rate, the aging of society, and changes in consumer preferences. Therefore, our environment now requires expansion into new areas of business combined with initiatives that add more value.

In response to these conditions, we will use our medium-term management plan—which enters its final year on April 1, 2019—as the basis for a drive to reach targets in each of our business fields. These targets include our aim to lead the refined sugar industry in management quality and operational efficiency; our strategy to develop as a general sweetener company; expansion of our business areas, including through mergers and acquisitions; and the rollout of multiple branches in our sports industry business.

In parallel with these initiatives, we are formulating a management plan to be put into action from April 1, 2020. Our intention is to outline a strong vision that allows us to adapt to a changing environment, while staying focused on our mission: to provide greater satisfaction in the lives of consumers by making contributions to “Food” and “Health”. To realize this goal, we will have comprehensive discussions using the new management structure that comes into effect in April 2019.
At the same time, we are also allocating resources to strengthen the business base that will support our growth. The starting point is to build a corporate structure and ethos that result in a positive, rewarding, and dedicated work environment for employees that promotes their growth together with the growth of the Company. Using this strategy, we will review our operational efficiency, risk management, corporate social responsibility, and investor relations, and we will identify key tasks to focus on in each of these areas.

Looking ahead, the entire management team of the Nissin Sugar Group is committed to meeting the expectations and earning the trust of all stakeholders. Toward that end, we will steadfastly work to increase corporate value while ensuring a high level of transparency and impartiality in management. As we pursue these endeavors, we ask for the continued support of the Group's stakeholders.

April, 2019

Yutaka Morita

Yutaka Morita, President