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Message from the President

As well as strengthening our operations in the sugar sector, we will work to achieve sustained growth for corporate value by expanding our range of business fields.

Yoichi Higuchi, President
Yoichi Higuchi, President

For more than half a century, Nissin Sugar Co., Ltd. has pursued its mission of to provide greater satisfaction in the lives of consumers by making contributions to "Food" and "Health" supporting Japanese lifestyles and food culture through the manufacture and sale of sugar.

The sugar sector, Nissin Sugar’s main business, continues to face challenging conditions, with gradually decreasing domestic demand for sugar due to factors including the falling birth rate, the aging of society, and changes in consumer preferences. Nevertheless, Nissin Sugar remains committed to leading the sugar industry in quality and operational efficiency. At the same time, we are seeking to expand our product range as a general sweetener company to include oligosaccharides and other functional polysaccharides as well as other saccharified and related products. We are also promoting expansion into the Asian market, where sugar demand continues to grow.

In the sports industry business, we operate the Do Sports Plaza fitness club chain, which was a pioneer of the fitness club industry in Japan. More recently, we have started rolling out operations in a new branch of enterprise, the so-called hot yoga and collagen studio, BLEDA.

By working to expand these business fields, we are committed to realizing sustained growth in corporate value for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Yoichi Higuchi, President

Yoichi Higuchi