With its good fragrance and just the right amount of body, Kibi-zato sugar is a type of sugar Nissin Sugar is keenly proud of. It is characterized by how it keeps an abundant amount of the scent and body of sugarcane.

Kibi-zato sugar is a kind of brown sugar with a light amount of molasses. Though it has molasses in it, it is made not too strong, with just the right fragrance and body, making it easy to use for Japanese cuisine and baked sweets. This gives Japanese cuisine its depth of sweetness.

Kibi-zato sugar

Kibi-zato sugar is a powdery product with fine particles, allowing easy handling such as dissolving, blending, and mixing. That makes it easy to use in a wide range of uses such as cooking and making sweets.

Using Kibi-zato sugar gives more of a light brownish color to foods and sweets than when with white soft sugar. This gives foods and sweets an even tastier look.

  • Kibi-zato sugar
  • Kibi-zato sugar
  • Kibi-zato sugar