White soft

This type of sugar was developed in Japan. It is a seasoning essential for Japanese cuisine alongside soy sauce and miso paste.

  • White soft sugar
  • White soft sugar
  • White soft sugar

Sugar is used proficiently in the world of Japanese cuisine in areas such as stewing, sauces, and soup stock, a point that differs greatly from Western cuisine. White soft sugar is the typical type of sugar used in Japanese cuisine. So, what makes white soft sugar good for Japanese cuisine?

Sweetness with body is necessary to make Japanese dishes such as stewed foods taste good. Granulated sugar would just make dishes sweet.
White soft sugar also goes well with the ingredients. It has smaller crystals than granulated sugar, and it gains a "moister" texture by adding invert sugar, which makes it blend easily with ingredients and gives it a "deep" sweetness. Japanese people prefer such flavors, so white soft sugar is right for Japanese cuisine.

White soft sugar is used for a wide range of purposes other than Japanese cuisine. Its characteristics can also be put to use in confectionery. For instance, it gives a smoother finish to meringue than granulated sugar.

There are also some intriguing simple ways to use white soft sugar. It is a moist sugar with small crystals, so try sprinkling a spoonful directly onto fruit or tomatoes.
With its soft and moist texture, it transforms these foods into a charming and attractive dessert. Or, pour a little soy sauce onto a spoonful of white soft sugar in a dish.
It’s an irresistible sweet dip. When served with grilled rice cakes, it makes a delicious teatime snack. This is thanks to the special qualities of white soft sugar not offered by granulated sugar.

  • White soft sugar