Cup Oligo / GOS

Developed by Nissin Sugar using biotechnology, Cup Oligo is an oligosaccharide made from the lactose contained in milk.

Its main component, galactooligo saccharide (GOS) , is effective in promoting the growth of Bifidus bacteria. Cup Oligo has superior physical properties as a food sweetener and-as a substance also present in breastmilk- is reliable in terms of safety.

Available in two types, syrup or powder, depending on customer requirements, it can be used by manufacturers to make their own health-conscious food products.

[Characteristics of Cup Oligo]

  • Substance also contained in breastmilk
  • Source of nutrition for Bifidus bacteria
  • Effective even in small amounts
  • Suitable for food processing thanks to heat- and acid-resistance
  • 1/4 of the sweetness of sucrose

[Package types]

Cup oligo

Syrup type:
18L can (net weight 25kg)

Cup oligo

Powder type:
Carton (net weight 10kg)